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ESINAM is a Belgian-Ghanaian multi-instrumentalist living in Brussels. From an early age, she was fascinated by music, especially percussion like the tama. The piano was her first main instrument, but for practical reasons during her travels, ESINAM quickly settled on the flute. Under her artist alias ESINAM, she creates a personal musical universe, filled with rhythms, grooves, melodies and loops. Carried away by sound, ESINAM interweaves her soulful voice with traditional African percussion, adding here and there a few electronic influences combined with sensitive melodies and flute improvisations. Her compositions bear the traces of many geographical, cultural and musical influences, which she has gathered from her personal history and through multiple travels, encounters, tours and collaborations. After starting her solo career as a “one woman band” on stage - building and deconstructing her tracks using a looper - she recently took the initiative to invite musicians to join her in form her own live band. Whether solo or with her band, ESINAM reveals herself by orchestrating authentic music full of poetry, with original rhythms and melodies, which make her a unique voice in today's 'jazz & beyond' landscape. today, which does not leave the public indifferent.

ESINAM © Maël G. Lagadec.jpg
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