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Daby Toure

Singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Mauritanian-Senegalese, Daby Toure is a true citizen of the world who marvelously mixes pop, folk, soul music, reggae, jazz and blues.

Born in 1971 in the Mauritanian desert, Daby Toure grew up in a small village with his uncle, where he learned to take care of cattle, while immersing himself in Soninke, Toucouleur and Wolof cultures. Above all, he learns music with his friends, by tapping on metal cans or old cans. A few years later, he left for Nouakchott to join his father, Hamidou Toure, who was none other than the eldest of the Toure Kunda clan. Daby learns music in secret, his father refusing to follow his path.


In 1989, political unrest forced Daby and his father to leave for France where he was invited by his brothers to enrich the Toure Kunda group. Daby was 18 and started playing in bars, before setting up the group Toure Toure in 1992, mixing jazz and African influences, from which his first album “Ladde” would come.


But Daby then seeks to distance himself from his father. After several years of work, the musician released “Diam” in 2004, which propelled his international career. Since then, he will compose many other pieces of music and will be invited by several artists such as Peter Gabriel, Francis Cabrel or Souad Masi. He has also recorded or signed duets with Maxime Le Forestier, Oxmo Puccino and Enzo Avitabile. On pure and accomplished melodies, the poet-prodigy sings in Soninke, Wolof or Pular, the life of his people and that of the world.

This explosive mix is personified by Daby Touré, a perpetual nomad and sound researcher.

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