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Timshel is a Senegalese reggae band founded in the summer of 2004 in Dakar. The group was born in the streets of the Dieuppeul and Derklé districts, from the common passion for reggae and the reunion of childhood friends from the neighborhood. Starting small with the means at hand, a few old dry and rusty guitars in hand, Scrooge, Alex and Alain often meet to "beoeuffer" and begin to compose a few songs. They will be joined some time later by the keyboardist François, Billy the drummer and Vincent the solo guitarist.

The formation is expanding, and the idea of ​​forming a real reggae group is starting to emerge in people's minds: The vibrations are good, the roots influences and everyone's motivations match, why not try the big adventure?! Since then, the group has given hundreds of concerts. The group has evolved, matured in its approach to the stage and composition, to result in a seasoned group of Reggae Roots. Without any means of massive promotion, by stubbornly making the scene by all means, the group made itself known and recognized by a large audience of Dakar music lovers and reggaephiles. The objective remains the same over time: to progress, to send very heavy sound, and to make a maximum of scene! And as the name of the group indicates, Timshel (quote in Hebrew from the Bible): If you want, you can!

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