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Jupiter Diop

Born in Senegal, Jupiter Diop gravitates around music since childhood. Singer, he composes, arranges and takes up the guitar. In 1998, with a group of friends, they released a hip-hop album under the name of Jëf J, which sold more than 25,000 copies and crossed borders to Europe. But Jupiter then prefers to turn to more roots music, and creates the Sarafina project.

At the same time, in search of a philosophy of humility and simplicity, the musician then follows the spiritual path of the Baye Fall community in Senegal, a path where the place given to singing responds to his aspiration as a musician. His music becomes deeper, and the group becomes “Lamp Fall Sarafina”. Arrived in Belgium in 2004, he set up the Jupiter Diop & Ma Shi Faï project and released the album “Today & Tomorrow”, while preserving his old project. In 2015, a Belgian string quartet and four African singers, including Jupiter Diop, joined together to form Askanyi (the peoples, in Wolof), and thanks to their album, will tour in Belgium, Benin and Mexico.

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