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Aida Sock

Born in Niger, in Niamey to Senegalese parents, Aida Sock grew up in Senegal where she completed her schooling up to the Baccalaureate and then pursued higher studies in Commerce, Administrative and International Business in the United States, in Miami, Florida. She built a modeling career there as a student at the same time.

In 2013, Aida decides to return to the fold where she reconnects and connects with the group Daara J Family with whom she plays live. The group supports her and teaches her the art of Live Music. Music becomes an art that allows her to express herself and share her experiences and thoughts as a Black African Woman. In 2016, Aida Sock participated in THE VOICE AFRIQUE FRANCOPHONE TV hook, giving her the chance to confirm her talent and finally choose to embark on a musical career after seducing 3 coaches during her blind audition. After the release of a few singles including "With you (sama xol)", "Kiding Kinding ft Admow", "Sebalité", in 2019, Aida Sock unveils her first Opus SAHH (Soulful Afro Hip Hop), the name of her musical style. This opens doors for her to travel with her music and her band THE DREAM TIME in different countries, notably in the United States (Washington DC), Ivory Coast, Rwanda (Kigali where she shares the stage with Flavour, Dbanj ...), Paris (Canopée, Les Halles)… Aida Sock is determined to leave her mark on the world through her music and other activities as an entrepreneur, model, producer and artistic director of her independent label MANDARGA MUSIC, mentoring young Africans, and as activist in his own way through peaceful communication."

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