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Noumoucounda grew up in a family of Senegalese griots. Born in Dakar but originally from Tambacounda, he did not learn the kora or the music: it is in him. With his father, chorist and pillar of the National Orchestra of Senegal and his singer mother, he has been immersed in music since childhood. At the age of twenty, he studied at the conservatory of Dakar in order to extend his knowledge. In 1994, he joined the Positive Black Soul, a pioneer group of African rap, and toured the world.

Noumoucounda defines a new genre of versatile and modern musician: the urban griot. In 2012, he released his first album "Falling" ("sharing" in Bambara). After 20 years of hip-hop, he records a live album, alive, where he demonstrates his musicality as well as his virtuosity. Thanks to his kora, he moves and conquers souls. In 2017, he created his own studio and recording label in Dakar, Karantaba Records, where we find Daara J Family and Positive Black Soul. Urban griot evolving in current music, there is talk of evolution, of progress, but also of education, of the condition of women in African society. A music influenced by hip-hop but which draws its sources from Mandinka!

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