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STEREO 432 : a panafrican music label in Senegal

STEREO AFRICA 432 is an independent and pan-african music label made up of a large dynamic team (artistic directors, managers, bookers, sound engineers, videographers, photographers, etc.).

Today eyes are turning more and more towards Africa: whether on the continent or elsewhere in the world, African or non-African artists are helping to give Africa back the place it deserves.This is why this label aims to be inclusive to give voice to all these artists who, through their works, tell stories and promote their multiple cultural identities.
The number 432 represents the basic frequency, the one that touches hearts. This is the frequency of authentic artists, who think outside the box, offer “good sound” and carry a strong message.

After having ourselves been confronted with the difficulties of being produced by a record label, we wish to support artists who deserve to be recognized both in their country and internationally. Today, we wish to give the tools to artists for the emergence and influence of their project as well as to enable the professionalization and training of young people in the music professions.

STEREO AFRICA 432 aims to support local talents through three main components: the label, studio 432 and project management.

-> The label: As an independent music label, we will unearth local talents and support them in the recording process (phonographic production), marketing and in the development of their career (booking, tour production, communication, etc).

-> Studio 432: In order to best promote the work of artists, we decided to set up a quality music studio in Dakar, as well as a photo and video studio in parallel.

-> Project management: Finally, we offer our services in everything relating to project management and the organization of events. We are also open to various partnerships. Recently, we established a partnership with the Jiwnit association as part of a mobile studio project in rural areas in Senegal.


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