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Women Arts Academy: Place for women!

The music industry, and perhaps particularly in Senegal, is faced with the almost total absence of women within it. Few women artists, few women musicians, few managers/bookers/artistic directors/producers, few managers, technicians; little access to information, training, opportunities, mobility, financing, structural supports, the challenges are numerous, institutional, cultural and structural.


Observing a pronounced absence of women in our Festival, we wondered what to do to meet this challenge of inclusiveness. From there was born the initiative of the Women Arts Academy.


Our objectives are in particular to create synergies and mentoring, but above all to ensure stages and booking following the training. So we will offer:

- A one-week training course during the Festival on artistic direction of a musical project for 5 young women artists (Artistic project, mixmedia, direction, costume and sets, cabling, technique and soundcheck, etc.);


- Support over 9 months on the demystification of cultural professions, capacity building, training on skillz software, development of an artistic project, protection against harassment and manipulation in the cultural industry, communication and promotion of his works and others;


- Mentoring with more than 7 women from the cultural and creative industry Senegal, the sub-region and internationally;


- Restitution event, booking, support and possibility of internship within SAF#4, planned for 2025.


Women arts academy 2024

We want to encourage West African women to embark on an artistic and musical career. For the next editions, our ambition is to implement:


❖ A day of round table discussions with ICCS professionals


❖ A week of Masterclass through the Women Art Academy


❖ A Podcast and live radio

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