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Unplugged Session: a competition to unearth local talents !

The Unplugged Sessions are an initiative to democratize the Dakar music industry. This is a musical competition aimed at finding new talents. The competition is organized by the Label Stéréo Africa 432, and it has taken place every year for the past 2 years as part of the Stereo Africa Festival (SAF).

Indeed, from its creation, one of the primary ambitions of the festival was the promotion and support of young emerging artists. Also, the notion of transmission is fundamental and well anchored in the DNA of the festival. At the same time, we can easily observe that in Senegal musical production and especially distribution remain quite concentrated in the city of Dakar; other regions suffering from an infrastructure deficit, but also from less access to instruments and/or training, etc.

This is why supporting young artists by passing on certain key skills to them so that they can improve their music, but also allowing them to gather objective opinions when going on stage, quickly seemed essential to us.

This is how the idea of Unplugged Sessions germinated, the form it takes allows it to be both a revealer and a facilitator by offering at the same time the meeting of an audience and professionals from the cultural sector .


Unplugged Session 2024

You're an artist ? Do you play alone or with a group?

Do you want to demonstrate your talent through two pieces played in front of a jury of professionals?

So register for our Unplugged Session which will take place on the weekend of April 20 and 21, 2024, in Dakar and its suburbs.

We will be present this year at:

  • Rufisque 

  • Ouakam House of Urban Cultures (MCU)

  • Blaise Senghor Cultural CenterCAD)

Register here !

Send an email to and don't forget to specify in the message:

- your name + first name

- your formula (solo / duo / trio...)

- your musical genre (we don't take rap or mbalax)

- the place you live

- your phone number



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