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West African Music Festival 

May 8 - 12 2024
Dakar, Senegal

Created in 2022, Stereo Africa Festival aim to promote West-African music and support new talents through an eclectic programme. It is also a meeting place for African and international professionals for the promotion, the representation, the diffusion and the structuration of the African’s continent music.

Festival's Playlist

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"The mainland Africa is full of cultural resources, but the image of its music is still locked in stereotypes. We note a lack of promotion and training in the professions of the music. It is urgent to put in place training tools, dissemination for a better representation of artistic imaginations African. Stereo Africa Festival wants to be a more egalitarian meeting place, a more inclusive experimental alternative music fair, to offer a uninhibited ecosystem." 
Sahad Sarr 
Festival Director

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